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Red Hot Sunflowers, oil


Doc's Rx , watercolor


The artwork used at the top of the PFAA website is Paulette Cheek's artwork too.

Paulette Cheek

Paulette has loved to draw from the time she was a very little girl. Her parents were relieved when she went from doing her masterpieces on the walls to containing them to paper and later to canvas. She comes from a family of artists that include Marjorie Sharp, a portrait painter who lived and worked in the Jacksonville, FL area in the mid 20th century; a first cousin, Ed Rumbaugh who is known for his abstract work in the Lincoln, NE area and a second cousin, Stephanie Jordan-McCloud who is a rising star in the Charlotte, NC area.
Paulette was never fortunate enough to attend a school that offered art classes, but her first grade teacher, Mrs. McClure at Belmont Hills Elementary in Smyrna GA was an artist who incorporated art in all phases of the 1st grade studies. Later a fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Quarrels at Smyrna Elementary created projects that involved drawing through out that class year. The only thing that saved her in science classes was her ability to draw. Paulette never received any art lessons until the late 1970's when she began to study under Sara Brown who's studio was located in the Buckhead area of Atlanta. After a hiatus of nearly 20 years, Paulette began painting again when she moved to Dallas, Georgia and became a member of The Paulding Fine Arts Association.
Mostly Paulette enjoys doing still life and landscape, but has dabbled in abstract art as well. Her favorite medium is what ever she's working in at the time! She has won prizes for her works in oil, watercolor, colored pencil and graphite. She also entered a new endeavor in the Fall of 2008 when she illustrated a children's book, SAFE! that was written by her sister-in-law Deborah Pickard Cheek. She found the collaboration both exciting and fulfilling as she rendered the work in colored pencil. Each year Paulette's family and friends look forward to her SNOWMAN Christmas cards which she has been creating since the early 2000's.