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Natalie Goodwin

I am passionate about living life creatively.  Through the arts I want to express my own unique experience of this amazing world.  I have been teaching art in the community for over 15 years. Back in 2006, I completed my Master’s of Education in creative arts and learning. Our cohort group danced, sang, drew, laughed and learned firsthand how the arts enrich lives. This program helped me to deepen my creativity and inspired me to share my creative journey with others.
My artwork reflects my fascination with abstractions in the natural world. Inspiration can come
from simple things like; watching the raindrops dance across the car window as we speed down
the highway, watching the fluid movement of oval reflections of light on the bottom of the pool
floor on a sunny summer day, and investigating the iridescent color and design on an insect wing.
My artwork stems from this attention to organic shapes, designs, and repeating patterns found in the natural world.

I love all art mediums from pottery, oils, jewelry making, mosaic, and even love to play guitar and sing. I don’t know if I could choose one artistic expression if I had to.  However, I do know that I love to share my love for the arts with students.  I hope to see you or one of your loved ones in one of my art classes.