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Mike Strickland

Michael Lee Strickland first discovered an interest in art in the sixth grade under a gifted teacher, Mrs. Wiley, who awakened in him many interests and abilities.  He then took lessons in oil painting under Lee Garner in Marietta but since that time has been mostly self-trained until relatively recently.
For many years, his career in engineering and need to support a family has taken precedence over his art with only occasional opportunities to develop his painting and drawing talents. 

In 2002, Mike discovered Jerry Yarnell and began taking Jerry’s annual workshops in acrylic landscape painting, further developinghis artistic ability and reawakening an intense interest in art. His last workshop with Jerry Yarnell was in January, 2013. Mike finally was able to retire in February, 2013, and has now begun a new “career” in art. Freed from the need to earn a living, he is now able to concentrate on improving his art with the help of the excellent artists of the Paulding Fine Arts Association.In November 2014, he completed the requirement of the Yarnell Certified Artist Program and is now a Yarnell Certified Landscape Artist. He is currently working toward the Yarnell Advanced Landscape Artist certificate.