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Kathryn Johnston

My mother tried – with determination – to teach her young daughters to knit.  Alas, it was the 60s-70s and liberated women were exploring cooler undertakings.  A couple decades later, a friend reintroduced me to knitting and we took several classes together.  Suddenly, the stoic math-science nerd in me found that a buried, creative chick-with-sticks was having a blast.  Once I retired after 30+ years as a high school science teacher, it didn’t stop with just compulsive knitting.  Trying my hand at designing was an exciting next jump, but so was spinning the yarn, weaving, fulling & felting, and eventually raising some creatures - silk worms and an angora rabbit - to supply fiber needs beyond the generosity of my alpaca, sheep, & goat friends.  Each step of this adventure has increased an appreciation of all the hard work and love of hand-crafts that fiber artisans radiate.  Why did it take me over 50 years to find out my mother was right? (Well, about this at least)