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Iia Owens-Williamson

Life’s experiences have led the work of Iiadonnasanova Owens–Williamson into a new direction of being more than just aesthetically appealing. Specializing in portraiture, she no longer relies solely on relaying subject information through composition, colors and the brushstrokes used; she’s now allowing the subject’s story to paint the picture.  Her most recent body of work thrives on the belief that we are all composites of our everyday experiences; similar to piecework or a patchwork quilt.  Our exterior appearance reveals little about us.  It’s our individual life experiences and the realizations they evoke that form us into whom we truly are.  That side of being is not exposed until the layers are slowly stripped away.  Like her collage paintings, the view from afar can be quite deceptive. They appear to be paintings until a closer look is taken.  That closer look unveils truth.  Her most recent work, collaged portrait painting, exposes those layers. It defines human existence for what it truly is, a haphazard conglomerate of textures and patterns encapsulated in daily experiences that define and validate our existence.