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Elizabeth Henry

Elizabeth Henry was born in Marshall County, Alabama, near Albertville and Boaz. Her father farmed forty acres and her mother took care of the children, cooking, canning and cleaning. She remembers her mother being funny and round. She was one of four daughters and one son in the Morrow family. The girls were called the Morrow girls. They were all hard working. Her dad had horses, cows, pigs and chickens and bought a mule later as a pet.  Her grandmother was Irish and Elizabeth has some of her accent.

When the children were little they would walk barefoot to the store on the white chert gravel roads. Her mom would give her a dime in a handkerchief and would tell her to get her some salt at the store. She remembers there were no taxes for food back then and a nickel or dime could get you a lot. Occasionally her granddaddy would get them ice cream or candy. When the neighbors went to the store, they would all help each other pick up supplies if needed. That was a time when people were more neighborly.

She always liked art and enjoyed keeping a scrap book. Her sister has the old home place now and raises cattle there with her husband. Now they have fancy machines, where in the past the crops were picked by hand and fields plowed by horses.
When Elizabeth was around 15 or 16 she bought 3 tubes of oil paint (red, blue and white) and painted a ship on water on a white china plate, which turned out real well. The next day, she touched it and didn’t realize the paint would not stick and she threw that plate away.

Elizabeth married and had two sons and a daughter. They moved to South Georgia, then in the Atlanta area. One son now lives in the Washington DC area and works with the blind, another son is an electrician in Savannah and her daughter is a RN in the Atlanta area. She is very proud of all of them.

Around 1973, her children were older and she had more time. She found out about the Douglasville Art Guild and went to several of the meetings. She felt intimidated by all the artists there, but got to know them and they were real nice and helped her out.

Her first 4-5 years painting she started in oil and used only red, yellow, blue and white. Then she branched out to more colors. The members in the guild encouraged her to show her artwork. She showed her artwork at the old Douglasville Courthouse. She did a painting around 12 x 15 in oils of a country lane through trees and she was the first in their group to sell a painting. She thinks she got $15 for that first painting she sold. She went from painting in oils to watercolors, then to acrylics. She likes acrylics the best since they dry faster. She decided to do her own thing and came up with her own style. She liked how every stroke would change the painting. She liked how a song or word could jog her memory and she would make a painting about it. She heard the song, “Blueberry Hill” and did a painting about it.

Her southern art studio in Villa Rica is where her colorful art comes to life! Many of her paintings are of her memories of farm life from the 1940's and 1950's. Some people call them "memory paintings."She not only paints, but she also writes stories to go with them. Elizabeth is a very talented artist and sweet person. I hope you enjoy her paintings.

Elizabeth Henry
15 Heather Lane
Villa Rica, GA 30180