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Cathy Amos

Cathy Hannah Amos is a charter member of the Paulding Fine Arts Association.  She retired in June, 2008 from the dream job of teaching art at PCHS.  She also organized many museum trips to NYC and Europe for students and adults.  Since retiring she has traveled to Egypt, Italy, Maine, and Peru.  

Thrilled to have time to devote to her own art, she is working on oil paintings that incorporate pit fired ceramics.  The Earth series is inspired by her interest in ancient cultures, primitive techniques, geology, geography, and history.  The images are found somewhere between memory and instinct, and she strives for an emotional essence.  

This is her 3rd year as a docent at the MC Carlos Museum which helps satisfy her need to teach and be around wonderful artwork.  About 18 months ago she started to seriously practice yoga and finds it to be life enhancing.   Cathy lives in Powder Springs with her husband, James and yorkie, Annabel.