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Meet our Members (Updated June 2018)
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Barb Jensen
Beth Adams
Bruce Henry

Carol Bolgirin
Carol Darnell
Carolyn Baldwin
Cathy Amos
Cheryl-Ann Kennedy
Celeste Davis
Chester Hopper
Christy Morehouse
Cindy Barrow
Clara Porter
Claudia McGarity
Courtney Brooks
Christopher Lewis
Darby Chism
Darla Bishop
Debbie Douglas
Dana Moore
Deborah Johns
Debra Heinrich
Demetria Johnson
Desiree Griffiths
Diane Parks
Dominique Chaponot
Donna Womack Eberhart
Elda Arias
Emily Knapp
Faye McLain

Florence Burger
Frank Cash

Fred Mintz
Gary Baughman
Gene Hall

Gideon Lewis
Gwen Hopper
Iia Owens Williamson
Irona Taylor

Jane Hricz

James Langley
Janet Deal
Janet Love
John Kuhenbeaker
Joyce Walraven

Judy Cooper
Julia Lindsay
Julie Gunter
Julie Mullenix

Kathy Borchelt
Kari Lewis
Kathryn Johnston

Kaye McNeely
Ken McGarity
Kevin Love

Kiki Alexander
Leslie Grant

Lilyana Lewis
Lily Parks
Linda Lanham

Linda Nance
Mack Porter

Maggie Karner

Margaret Bearden
Mary Cash

Mary Lou Bailey-Funk

Meeta Awasthi
Michael Borchelt

Mike Strickland
Myra Hall
Natalie Goodwin

Nancy Pavuk
Paulette Cheek
Paulette Ferguson
Jane Hricz
Ray Borchelt
Ray Karner
Robby Entrekin
Rose Mack
Sharon Foster
Sheila Hendrix
Sheila Langley
Sorrell Roth
Stacy Koyashiki

Susan Gore Gardner
Tom MacMillan
Virginia Moore
Wendy Herubin
Winnie Whiteis

Paulding Fine Arts Association Board Members 2019:

Terms Ending December 2019:
Cheryl-Ann Kennedy
John Kuhenbeaker

Terms Ending December 2020:
Donna Womack Eberhart

Mary Cash

Terms Ending December 2021:
Paulette Cheek

Joyce Walraven

Paulding Fine Arts Association Officers 2019:

President - Bruce Henry
Vice-President - Kathy Borchelt
Treasurer - Paulette Cheek
Secretary - Jane Hricz
Fundraising Coordinator - Donna Womack Eberhart
Communications Coordinator - Paulette Cheek
Newsletter Editor/Designer - Bruce Henry
Volunteer Coordinator for Gallery
- Paulette Cheek
Demonstrator Coordinator - Kathy Borchelt
Group Coordinator - Paulette Cheek

Murals Coordinator - Donna Womack Eberhart